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But in cancer cells, despite the damaged DNA, the cells continue to divide—creating tumors full of genetic mutations. To study the phenomenon, Forsburg and lead author Sarah Sabatinos collected videos of the damaged cells dividing so that they could maintain continuous monitoring of individual cells and record cell division from beginning to end.

Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research

They watched what happened in the mutant in real time and then used a super-resolution microscope that generates 3D images of objects at the nanometer scale to examine the damaged structures in crisp detail. She is now an assistant professor at Ryerson University in Toronto. The work will inform future studies into how a cancer cell evades biological checkpoints that should halt its division and spread. Source: USC.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model system to study the response to anticancer agents.

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Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis. Two-Hybrid System Techniques. Essential Genes.

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Cellular Structures. Cell Cycle Checkpoints. Antineoplastic Agents.

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Springer Netherlands. Yeast as a Tool in Cancer Research.

Springer Netherlands, Zurita-Martinez, Maria E. Anna T. Rogojina, Zhengsheng Li, Karin C.

L. H. Hartwell's Yeast: A Model Organism for Studying Somatic Mutations and Cancer

Nitiss, John L. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Leland H. Hartwell Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Nobel Laureate for Medicine, Yeast has proved to be the most useful single-celled organism for studying the fundamental aspects of cell biology. Resources are now available for yeast that greatly simplify and empower new investigations, like the presence of strains with each gene deleted, each protein tagged and databases on protein—protein interactions, gene regulation, and subcellular protein location.

A powerful combination of genetics, cell biology, and biochemistry employed by thousands of yeast researchers has unraveled the complexities of numerous cellular processes from mitosis to secretion and even uncovered new insights into prion diseases and the role of prions in normal biology. These insights have proven, time and again, to foretell the roles of proteins and pathways in human cells.