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Shining Steel Pickaxe - Production Calculator - BDO by Dae

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Switch to Hindi Edition. Companies, Stock Quotes. Production Proc Avg Rate:.

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Processing Average Rate:. Processing Proc Avg Rate:.

3d realistic black tyre, shining steel and rubber wheel for car, automobile. Free Vector

Alchemy Average Rate:. Shining Steel Pickaxe. Production Average.

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  4. Unique Average. Lucky Shining Steel Pickaxe.


    Production Proc Avg. Unique Proc Avg. Maple Timber. Processing Average.

    Vorlage:Recipe - Shining Steel Pickaxe

    Melted Iron Shard. Collapse All Expand All. Iron Ingot. Processing Proc Avg.

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    Iron Ore. Pure Iron Crystal. Metal Solvent.

    Alchemy Average. Trace Of Savagery. Clear Liquid Reagent.

    Sunrise Herb. Farmed, gathered, obtained from nodes, or bought from Herb Vendors for