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Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Pin FB ellipsis More. Image zoom. Close Share options. If you've read The Secret Garden and treasure it, don't read this. If you're passive about it, do so if only for the sake that it's written okay and you're bound to want to chuck a rock at it- which is the intended point of literature, anyway. Finally, if you haven't read The Secret Garden, you missed out on some childhood. Jan 31, skein rated it liked it Recommended to skein by: Jay.

Shelves: 3-star. I must be the only person ever who 1. Yeah, I usually detest 'sequels' written years after the original was published. Yeah, stuff happened that I didn't want to happen. No, it's not perky and cheerful and filled with the singing butterflies of childhood innocence, like the Burnett's original.

But this one doesn't betray or misrepresent or alter beyond recognition any of the characters - and I can't th I must be the only person ever who 1. But this one doesn't betray or misrepresent or alter beyond recognition any of the characters - and I can't think of a higher compliment.

And I still love that irascible, cantankerous, agonizingly difficult Mary Lennox. View all 12 comments. Mar 27, Kyle rated it did not like it Shelves: reads , historical-fiction , do-not-own , did-not-finish. Poorly imagined, poorly written, poorly executed. Frances Hodgson Burnett is probably rolling over in her grave.

View 2 comments. This is, quite possibly, the only book that I ever threw away after reading. It was one of the most depressing things I have ever read. Jul 30, Karen rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction. Very disappointing. I felt the love triangle between the three somewhat undermined the strong bonds of friendship they had forged in the original novel. I can accept that Colin may have been gay but I cannot believe he would be the type of person to have liaisons with men in the grounds of Misselthwaite; it just makes him seem sleazy.

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I wasn't expecting a fairytale but this simply didn't live up to what I hoped it would be. Jan 11, Mitzi rated it did not like it. Absolutely awful--if you loved The Secret Garden, don't read this!!

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I think I read this particular book I know I read a sequel to The Secret Garden Of course the magic was no longer there as the children aged and moved into adulthood but the characters were well crafted and believable and I was held in suspense from beginning to end It was, instead, poignant and sad but realistic and very conceivable. May 14, Lindsay rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in As a fan of The Secret Garden since my mother first read it to me complete with Yorkshire accents, I hated this book. I feel that knowing what I know of Frances Hodgson Burnett and her work, she would not be pleased.

The characters were not believable or true to their originally written selves. That being said, it wasn't a terrible story if you don't think of it as a sequel to a really wonderful and sweet book, so I'm giving it two stars, which in my book means, "it was ok.

The Secret Garden

Jan 13, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction-adult. This is supposed to be an adult version of juv book The Secret Garden--taking up the story after they become adults. I only read about 2 chapters--it is the continuing relationship of the 3 main characters and how they interlock for a lifetime, but I was unable to slog through it. Interesting flashbacks helping explain whom she married and possible reasons why, regrets and character development, but i could not keep the characters straight after others were introduced.

It would have helped to re This is supposed to be an adult version of juv book The Secret Garden--taking up the story after they become adults. It would have helped to reread the original before taking this on. I hadn't read it seriously as a child. Jul 11, Claudia rated it it was ok. The essence of a sequel book is that the characters you knew in the initial book are extended into the sequel. New situations are extrapolated and the arc of life is predicted.

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Is this the way I imagine the trio from "The Secret Garden" will grow up? Maybe not. Maybe I like happier endings with less trauma and drama Ultimately I felt the book could have been edited down by about pages.

Feb 10, Rachel Danielle rated it did not like it. Sad injustice to the characters of the original story. Perhaps, if it had been a book with completely independent characters, independent and unconnected to the original story, it would have been a better read, because there are elements of the story that were very good - but not genuine to the characters.

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Jun 04, Pattie rated it it was ok Shelves: read After reading Susan Moody's author bio on Goodreads, I have a better understanding of her detail inclusion. Of course a crime writer would include the horrors of war to include graphic imagery. Several other reviews will detail the mid-characterization of Mary, Colin, and Dickon, so I won't do the same.

I did not like this book at all, but I give it two stars because of the historical details and the details from the original Secret Garden novel. Apr 26, aem rated it did not like it. Jan 02, Elizabeth Meadows rated it it was ok. I don't remember how long ago I read this, but I was reminded of it when I heard a friend talk about reading The Secret Garden.

This "sequel" book was such a big disappointment that I would not recommend to anyone who loves the characters from The Secret Garden. Jun 21, Daniela rated it did not like it. Absolutely hated it and threw out my copy so no one would get it from me in any way, shape, or form. Sep 14, Sarah rated it liked it. This is a book I read awhile back; I remember enjoying it; as I loved reconnecting with Mary and seeing the events beyond in the classic of 'A secret Garden'.

A good read if you can find it. Apr 23, A. DNF God help us. Feb 09, reichl rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. I both love The Secret Garden and this book. When Martha mentions the late Mrs. She spends the next few weeks wandering the grounds and talking to the elderly gardener, Ben Weatherstaff.

One day, while following a friendly robin, Mary discovers an old key that she thinks may open the locked garden. Shortly thereafter, she spots the door in the garden wall, and she lets herself into the secret garden.

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She finds that it is overgrown with dormant rose bushes and vines it is winter , but she spots some green shoots, and she begins clearing and weeding in that area. Mary continues to tend the garden. Her interaction with nature spurs a transformation: she becomes kinder, more considerate, and outgoing. One day she encounters Dickon, and he begins helping her in the secret garden.

He and Mary become friends, and she discovers that Colin does not have a spinal deformation, as he has believed.

Return to the Secret Garden

Dickon and Mary take Colin to see the garden, and there he discovers that he is able to stand. The three children explore the garden together and plant seeds to revitalize it, and through their friendship and interactions with nature they grow healthier and happier. When her uncle returns and sees the amazing transformation that has occurred to his son and his formerly abandoned garden now in bloom, he embraces his family, as well as their rejuvenated outlook on life. This tale of transformation is an exaltation of nature and its effects on the human spirit. The physical and spiritual healing that Mary and Colin experience in the garden is mirrored in the seasons: it is winter when Mary discovers the garden; they begin working in spring and fully recover in summer; and Archibald Craven returns to find his son and the garden both healthy in the fall.