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We examine each project and item individually to improve lifespan and ensure better substrate protection. Protective Coatings Applied to Structural Steel.

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If you would like a quote for any current or upcoming projects, hit the button below to get started! Contact Us Protective Coatings. Protective coatings — applications and environments. We regularly undertake protective painting projects within the following sectors:. Innovation overview.

From science to solutions. Meet our scientists.

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    Why invest in Solvay? Corporate governance. Financial reporting. Stock information. Bond information. Investor toolkit.

    Shareholders corner. Careers overview. Working at Solvay. FFF - Our graduate program. Job opportunities. Recruitment process. Our formulations are designed to benefit all types of surface coatings. It is a colorless and limpid liquid, non-corrosive, with a characteristic pleasant smell.

    Our formulations are designed to benefit all types of surface coatings.

    It has low toxicity. It is miscible with the most common organic solvents and with water. Detail and documentation. Ask for inquiry. Request a quotation. It is designed for conventional impregnation processes and is particularly recommended for production of impregnated woven packings and yarns.

    Discover the product positioning information. Order a sample. It is designed for coagulation processes and is particularly recommended for co-coagulation with fillers in the production of mechanical components like bearings and seals.

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    It is designed mainly for coating processes but can also be used for impregnation. It is designed for filled grades and in particular is recommended for compounds with glass fiber since it allows good degassing during the sintering process. It is designed for compounds production and in particular it is recommended for use with high filler content. This material exhibits high bulk density, tensile strength and elongation at break. Main features are: - Improved lubricity - Increaded hot tear strength - Better flex life - Reduced friction and wear.

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    Main features are: - Improved abrasion, scratch and rub resistance - Increased slip and surface lubricity - Reduced blocking - Better chemical resistance - Increased temperature resistance - Gloss retention - Excellent dispersion ability. The material has a large average particle size and high bulk density.

    Additionally, it shows good powder flow whilst maintaining high mechanical properties due to its soft particles. It is a colorless liquid, insoluble in water. It is a colorless and clear liquid, non-corrosive, low volatility and low toxicity, slight odor.

    It is miscible in common organic solvents and water.

    AV has been formulated for applications requiring a balance of chemical resistance and mechanical strength along with good part aesthetics, thereby bridging the performance gaps within the ultra polymers space. These and other properties make this resin well-suited for applications in healthcare, transportation, semiconductor, electronics, chemical processing, and other industries. The resin has a uniform opaque appearance with a beige color similar to that of PEEK.