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Plasma treatment of p -GaN /n -ZnO nanorod light-emitting diodes — Nazarbayev University

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The Basics of Importing. World Affairs. Zinc oxide ZnO is a material of great interest for short-wavelength optoelectronic applications due to its wide band gap 3. Due to the difficulty in stable p-type doping of ZnO, other p-type materials such as gallium nitride GaN have been used to form heterojunctions with ZnO.


There was a huge variety of electronic properties and emission colors on the reported devices. It is due to the different energy alignment at the interface caused by different properties of the GaN layer and ZnO counterpart in the junction.

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Attempts have been made on modifying the heterojunction by various methods, such as introducing a dielectric interlayer and post-growth surface treatment, and changing the growth methods of ZnO. The ZnO nanorods were grown by a solution method. The ZnO nanorods were exposed to different kinds of plasma treatments such as nitrogen and oxygen after the growth.