Guide Effectively Managing Troublesome Employees

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Is there a culture or history of accepting poor behavior? Have you contributed to the problem by neglecting to deal with behavioral issues?

Managing the Unmanageable: The 6 Most Common Types of Difficult Employees

Is there a problem not just with the employee but with an entire team the employee is on? Is there a general problem with communication and communication tools? Once you have answered these questions and you feel it is a single employee issue, you should confront the difficult employee privately and respectfully. Be aware of your timing.

The bad behaviors

If the employee is currently highly emotional, vulnerable or otherwise unlikely to be able to hear and understand your concerns, you may need to wait for a better day. Be sure you have specific examples of problem behavior and let the employee know how his or her behavior is negatively impacting the team and productivity. Keeping the questions above in mind, offer support but be firm, and inform them that there will be consequences including potentially losing their job if the bad behavior persists. To show you are sincere in your desire to keep the employee if they make necessary changes offer additional training or coaching.

Document your discussion with the employee and be clear about expectations and commitments. Transparent communication is always a valuable leadership skill, but is especially important with these kinds of conversations. Focus on maintaining professionalism throughout sensitive discussions and give constructive feedback with authority.

If you find you have difficulties in confronting an employee, ask for help from your HR department or consider getting a management or leadership coach. What happens next? This could be positive encouragement or shared problem-solving.

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Reiterate the problem and make consequences clear if changes have not been observed. Read what this conversation should look like here.

8 ways to deal with difficult employees

Read more about what you might discover when you and your UE discuss his responsibilities and goals. However, for this correction to be long term, the inner attitudes that contribute to the un-manageability need to be examined. Shifts in behavior are rarely permanent, and most people will begin to backslide almost immediately if left to their own devices. These five tactics are helpful with all unmanageable employees, some of whom you may have not even met yet.

1. Don’t ignore the problem

How abut The Grumbler? There is also the wonderful Rude-Nik , who makes everything so much fun. Of course, there are many more difficult employees to look forward to. I love to speak about difficult employees too!

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How to Deal With Problematic Employees

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