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Gary Wright was born and raised in Cresskill , New Jersey. Having studied piano and organ, [2] Wright led various local rock bands while attending high school [1] at Tenafly, New Jersey. The third Spooky Tooth album was Ceremony , a Wright-instigated collaboration with French electronic music pioneer Pierre Henry , [14] [18] released in December Although Wright had traditionally provided an experimental influence within Spooky Tooth, [14] he regretted the change of musical direction, saying in a interview: "We should have really taken off after Spooky Two but we got into the absurd situation of letting Pierre Henry make the Ceremony album.

Then he took it back to France and remixed it. Wright played on all of Harrison's subsequent solo albums during the s, [34] [35] as well as on other releases that the ex-Beatle produced for Apple Records.


Among other recordings over this period, Wright played piano on Harry Nilsson 's hit " Without You " [33] and accompanied B. King , Starr, Gordon, Voormann and others on B. King in London , [49] which included Wright's composition "Wet Hayshark". In , Wright moved to Devon with Wonderwheel to work on songs for a new album, titled Ring of Changes. I'm not a showman and so I couldn't be a Cat Stevens out front with just backing musicians, which I was expected to be with Wonderwheel.

I think [Spooky Tooth] didn't have the steady momentum and upward drive. It stopped and started, broke up and then went back and broke up. It never really got enough behind it to really catapult it to success. The band released a follow-up, Witness , in November , [38] by which point Graham had departed, with Mike Kellie returning on drums. After Spooky Tooth's break-up, Wright returned to New Jersey and began compiling songs for his third solo album. Records , mainly because the company had no keyboard virtuosos among its other acts.

I mean I'm an overnight success in ten years, right? I've been through periods of self-doubt, wondering whether or not I wanted to stay an artist The right timing, the right songs and strong management at last. The album was issued in July and enjoyed minimal success in America until the release of its second single, " Dream Weaver ", in November.

Following the album's release, Wright toured extensively with a band comprising three keyboard players and a drummer. Rick Wakeman ", [8] while Robert Rodriguez describes Wright as a pioneer in both "the integration of synthesizers into analog recordings " and the use of the keyboard—guitar hybrid known as the keytar. Wright started recording his follow-up to The Dream Weaver in summer , before which Chris Charlesworth of Melody Maker reported that it would be "a logical development" of its predecessor and "again based entirely around what he can do with various types of keyboards".

Even, not from a spiritual point of view, but as a piece of literature, it's a total classic Wright continued to record albums for Warner Bros. Wright's last chart success in America was in , [2] when his album The Right Place , co-produced with Dean Parks , [94] climbed to number Wright's subsequent releases focused on film soundtracks and forays into world music.

Wright himself re-recorded "Dream Weaver" for the comedy Wayne's World , [1] the soundtrack album for which topped the US charts. Larry Flynt and Toy Story 3 Subramaniam and L. Having dedicated much of his time during the s to his family, Wright subsequently resumed a more active musical career, starting with Spooky Tooth's reunion. Two solo releases by Wright followed in late , including the new-age album Waiting to Catch the Light.

In May , Wright rejoined Spooky Tooth to participate in a series of London concerts celebrating the 50th anniversary of Island Records' founding, [] before performing further shows with the band in Germany. Wright has spoken out on the importance of creative opportunities for children in the public educational system, [4] and expressed his opposition to the prevalence of free music downloading and its disadvantage to artists.

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It's a very spiritual song. For the racing driver, see Gary Wright racing driver. For the ice hockey coach, see Gary Wright ice hockey. This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. Retrieved March 1, Smashing Interviews. Retrieved March 2, September 23, The Star-Ledger. November 16, Singer-songwriter-keyboardist Gary Wright, who grew up in Cresskill and went to Tenafly High School, will perform in New York tonight for the first time in 20 years.

Diary of a Studio Owner. Retrieved March 23, New York Times. October 24, Retrieved March 3, Let It Rock. Available at Rock's Backpages subscription required.

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Retrieved March 4, Island Records , ; produced by Jimmy Miller. The Daily Beast. September 29, Retrieved March 10, The Musicians' Olympus. Retrieved February 28, Retrieved March 6, Ariola Records , ; produced by Willy Bogner.

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Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved March 13, Music World. Rolling Stone. Brown , who coined it in the early s at Wesleyan University in Connecticut , where he developed undergraduate through the doctoral programs in the discipline. To enhance the process of learning, he invited more than a dozen visiting performers from Africa and Asia and began a world music concert series. There are several conflicting definitions for world music. One is that it consists of "all the music in the world", though such a broad definition renders the term meaningless; the term is taken as a classification of music that combines Western popular music styles with one of many genres of non-Western music that are described as folk music or ethnic music.

Dream Weaver

However, world music is not traditional folk music, it may include cutting edge pop music styles as well. Succinctly, it can be described as "local music from out there", or "someone else's local music", it is a nebulous term with an increasing number of genres that fall under the umbrella of world music to capture musical trends of combined ethnic style and texture, including Western elements.

Music from around the world exerts wide cross-cultural influence as styles influence one another, in recent years world music has been marketed as a successful genre in itself. Academic study of world music, as well as the musical genres and individual artists associated with it appear in such disciplines as anthropology , performance studies and ethnomusicology.

In the age of digital music production the increased availability of high-quality, ethnic music samples, sound bites and loops from every known region are used in commercial music production, which has exposed a vast spectrum of indigenous music texture to developing, independent artists; these influences proliferate in a web-based music industry, now percolating as a much larger, predominantly self-promoted menu, via an increasing number of indie-artist-friendly, streaming Internet options, such as Last.

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An amalgamation of roots music in the global, contemporary listening palette has become apparent, which weakens the role major entertainment labels can play in the cultural perception of genre boundaries. As a result, definitions of the genre have become varied, determined by wide-ranging and varied opinions.

Similar terminology between distinctly different sub-categories under primary music genres, such as world and pop can be as ambiguous and confusing to industry moguls as it is to consumers; this is true in the context of world music, where branches of ethnically influenced pop trends are as genre-defined by consumer perception as they are by the music industry forums that govern the basis for categorical distinction. Academic scholars tend to agree that, in today's world of consumer music reviews and blogging, global music culture's public perception is what distils a prevailing basis for definition from genre ambiguity, regardless of how a category has been outlined by corporate marketing forums and music journalism.

The world music genre's gradual migration from a clear spectrum of roots music traditions to an extended list of hybrid subgenres is a good example of the motion genre boundaries can exhibit in a globalizing pop culture.

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  • The classic, original definition of world music was in part created to instill a perceived authenticity and distinction between indigenous music traditions and those that become diluted by pop culture, the modern debate over how possible it is to maintain that perception in the richly diverse genre of world music is ongoing. It's a problematic, horrible term that satisfies no one.

    Japanese koto and Chinese guzheng music, In. Among friends and fellow musicians he preferred being called " Brother Ray ", he was referred to as "The Genius". Charles started losing his vision at the age of 5, by 7 he was blind, he pioneered the soul music genre during the s by combining blues and blues, gospel styles into the music he recorded for Atlantic.

    He contributed to the integration of country music and blues, pop music during the s with his crossover success on ABC Records , notably with his two Modern Sounds albums. While he was with ABC, Charles became one of the first black musicians to be granted artistic control by a mainstream record company. Their friendship lasted until the end of Charles's life. Frank Sinatra called Ray Charles "the only true genius in show business", although Charles downplayed this notion.

    Ray Charles Robinson was the son of Bailey Robinson, a laborer, Aretha Williams, his mother was a teenage orphan making a living as a sharecropper. They lived in Florida with Robinson's father and his wife, Mary Jane Robinson ; the Robinson family had informally adopted Aretha, she took the surname Robinson. When she became pregnant by Bailey, incurring scandal, she left Greenville late in the summer of to be with family members in Albany, Georgia for the baby's birth, after which mother and child returned to Greenville, she and Mary Jane shared in Ray's upbringing. He was devoted to his mother and recalled her perseverance, self-sufficiency , pride as guiding lights in his life, his father abandoned the family, left Greenville, married another woman elsewhere.

    In his early years, Charles showed an interest in mechanical objects and would watch his neighbors working on their cars and farm machinery.