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There was more of that in this film as well as the message behind the lyrics regarding being different and just loving yourself despite those who want to hold you back and tear you down. I highly recommend this movie and with how much fun it was, this has lots of rewatchable quality. If anything, just to experience the songs and routines again. Together they are powerful.


Picture via vogue. If you like musicals, this one will not disappoint. It may seem a little disjointed by some hardcore Broadway and musical fans but at the end of the day you will end up applauding to at least one song by the end of the movie. Whether this movie depicts a true example of his life and rise to stardom could also change your opinion of the movie but you got to admit it was a fun ride either way.

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This is a great movie to watch around the holidays. Did you enjoy the movie as much as I did? Did you enjoy the songs more than the story or vice versa? Comment your thoughts and thank you for reading my review. I love this movie!! I like all the songs. Some stand out more than others, but I still like them all. I literally know some of the lyrics already. I personally enjoyed the story and the songs. Like Liked by 1 person. Haha nice. I agree with you about La La Land.

Confessions Of A Showman

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Facebook Instagram Twitter Tumblr. Search for:. The "currency of happiness" is what Mr Frederick Stokes Jr, 34, lives on as a showman. Hailing from Scotland, Mr Stokes' nomadic family has been operating carnival rides for several generations. It began when his father's great-great-grandfather started working in funfairs in Britain, which were popular for freak shows and boxing rings then. This month, he brings his most thrilling rides, such as the 35m-high The Star Flyer, to the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival that opens on Dec 8 and runs till April 1 next year.

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His tallest ride, the 55m-tall Booster Maxx, rotates at 96km an hour, testing even the bravest of carnival-goers. He told The New Paper: "I've never not been a showman.

Confessions of a Showman

Since the day I was born, funfair carnivals and rides have been in my blood. I live and breathe my job - it is part of me and I am proud to present my rides. Mr Stokes said: "I played football well and could have pursued a career as a football player. But that was also when my family started travelling around the world, and I had to make the call.

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At 16, he was tasked with operating two children's rides in Dubai by himself for the first time, and he felt right at home. But my career as an international showman is flying today," said Mr Stokes.

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Coming to Singapore to join him is his family, including his four-year-old daughter who has spent Christmas in a different city for each of the last three years. His family is used to his Christmas Day routine - spend some quality time together in the morning, before daddy has to go to work.

He said: "Yes, Christmas is a time for holiday.

I'll still wake up on Christmas morning to have some family time, then I'd be here working. We cannot close because we're a form of entertainment and the public always wants to be entertained during the festive season.